Group Directors

Mr. Quek Yak Kang

Mr. Quek is the founder of Ideahome Development Sdn.Bhd and Lingjaya Corporation Sdn.Bhd. He is also the Managing Director for the group.

While started his career as a teacher in early 1980s, Mr Quek built up his interest and passion in property market as a freelance property broker. He travelled extensively to complete various projects and transactions. He gained invaluable experiences from lessons along the way.

He started his property and development venture during 1997/1998, the turbulence years of Asian Financial Crisis. That turned out to be a right timing and right decision.

He belives in building mutual trust with stakeholders is integral to success in this industry.


Mdm. Lim Yok Lang

Mdm Lim is the co-founder and the executive director of Ideahome Development Sdn. Bhd and Lingjaya Corporation Sdn. Bhd. 

She too, decided to leave her teaching days behind to aid and support the development of the group. She has become an invaluable asset to the group with her skills in personal relations and delegations.

Her jovial and outgoing personality, together with her artistry in human relations have sculpted a bright and dynamic working environment in the office, thus the driven and highly energetic but lively company culture. 



Sales and Marketing
Our reliable sales and marketing team led by Ms. Helen. The good relationships between the group and the customers are developed and maintained by this team.     


Another anchor to this group is their finance department. Not only do they manage the group’s day to day cash flow, they are vital for advising and sourcing longer term financing.          


About The Group

The Group (Ideahome Development Sdn.Bhd and Lingjaya Corporation Sdn.Bhd)  were incorporated in 1999 and 2001. 

Since incorporation, the group has kept their focus on their core values and philosophy, which is to  build products of first-class quality and to deliver the highest value to their customers. The companies have continuously upgraded to stay ahead of the game in the industry.  Over the years, they have established themselves as a trustworthy and reliable property & development company in Malaysia. 


With strong leadership and a dedicated team in Ideahome and Lingjaya, they have strived to achieve the best and has remained as one of the best in this competitive and ever-changing property market. 

置地发展有限公司旗下的 Ideahome Development Sdn. Bhd.及 Lingjaya Corporation Sdn. Bhd.分别成立於1999及2001.前者筑建高端店屋及私人豪宅,后者则开发马来保留地段及政府特区。我们立足当下,建筑未来。公司自组建以来不断在土地开发,工程管理及设计规划的专业领域上精益求精,力求高品质及高效率; 同时与时并进,确保投资回报 ,产业增值,从而建立信誉。凭借强大的领导力和专业团队,Ideahome 和 Lingjaya "Build What People Want",在不断变化的房地市场能保持高竞争力及领导地位。